// the Force //

There is a force within all of us, that surrounds all of us, and IS all of us, together as ONE. In Star Wars this is called the Force. Yogis and Spiritual People call this the Light, or Source.

This force is all powerful. The difference with religion and spirituality is that religion says this force is outside of us. Spiritual people know that this force is within us.

Life here in this universe is an extension of the Oneness of Source that is both Masculine and Feminine. Life here was created to have the experience of being more than just One body — to have an individual body with free-will to choose.

As this Universe was created, a hierarchy of forces have been connected on the other side of the Universe and in Higher Dimensions that exist in this Universe. These beings watch over us to keep us safe and they help us with our creative ideas.

As this Universe was first created, many beings were given the power to create life in the universe, as they were connected to Source Energy. But not all beings wanted to respect the desires of this hierarchy, and so they split off from Source to have their own individual experience. These are the forces of Darkness, also known as the Darkside.

Because this is a free-will universe, beings are able to do whatever they please. Unfortunately when you disconnect from Source, you run off your stored energy or the energy that you are connected to, such as other people or beings. People that disconnected will do whatever it takes to hold on to their desires. They will cheat, kill, lie, and or steal. Many of these beings will use fear to try and manipulate people.

As seen from the perspective of eternity, those in the Higher-Dimensions understand that beings will tire of fighting for control and feeling unstable. When we hit rock bottom, will eventually desire to surrender our ego and change. However, they have the free-will to stay stuck in lower dimensions where fear exists. In the Higher Dimensions beings live in unconditional love and have eternal patience. There is a fearlessness when you are connected to Source Energy. Lower vibrational beings cannot get into the Higher Dimensions because the light is too intense, the frequency is too high. So they have their free-will to do as they please until they are ready to rejoin the Light. The Source of Creation is a feeling of Love in Unity that is so powerful and healing, that it cannot be ignored.

Since these dark beings are being watched over, they are always given advice when they ask for it, and if they are suffering, they are gently encouraged to come back to the Light — to work as a team again recharging with Source Energy. Ultimately their free-will is always respected, because this is the purpose of the Universe. There is a lot of power when you come through the process of free-will, making mistakes and learning the hard way, forgiving yourself and others.

Through this process of life, we develop confidence in what is right and wrong. Over time we choose what is best for all of us, because we can feel each other — we realize that everyone IS us. All of our feelings are connected together and we are all One. Why would anyone want to hurt themselves?

The illusion is that we are separate beings, but the truth is that this physical body is an extension of the image of it from higher dimensions where your spirit is part of collective intelligences that are connected back to Source. When you imagine who you want to be, you will change the shape of your human body. When you imagine something, you draw out the thought-form in a Higher Dimension. The body is an idea that exists as a thought-form that is being stored in Higher-Dimensions and projected here. The body lives and heals itself by breathing and the heart beating, which create the physical pump that keeps energy flowing in.

This energy of our Source is all powerful. When you are connected to it, you feel strong and confident, feeling the flow towards the path of manifestation. This can bring you feelings of bliss that come in waves to your body! Because Source Energy is both Male and Female, it is important for you to have a connection to both the Feminine and Masculine aspects of your Self. When you heal and balance yourself, feeling love and compassion or your self, this will create the feelings of Oneness inside of you. You can then have deeper relationships with others and experience more Love.

The depth of Love that you feel with others is directly related to the depth of Love that you feel with your self. So make time to work on yourself, observe yourself and your relation to others. Are you treating others how you wish to be treated? Are you treating yourself how you wish to be treated?

Even though it can be difficult, I encourage you to forgive yourself for any past mistakes. You were doing the best you could. I encourage you to choose to unconditional Love for yourself. When you forgive yourself or another, you release a judgement. When you release a judgement, there is a feeling of release, freeing you and the other to live and breathe in the eternal NOW moment.

As we shift from me to WE, we will be rising above the ego, not killing it — integrating it. This is the process of moving from the power center of the ego, which is located where the solar plexus meets the lower heart into the upper heart, which is called 5D.

We will be living in Unity Consciousness, where we feel each other deeply. We will be working together for the greater good, manifesting the prophecy of creating Heaven on Earth. Unity Consciousness is where we gravitate into working as groups, feeling each other and being compassionate. When our energy fields reach Unity, we can feel unconditional Love! As we master how to live in the high heart with compassion and unconditional love, fully accepting the moment and continuing to breathe, we will reach a vibrational dimension called 5D. Dogs resonate with 5D, seeking Unity in the pack with Unconditional Love.

Once we master the level of 5D, we will continue to raise our vibrations in stages, going up the dimensional ladder as we are ready. When we reach the throat, this is the level called 6D. With your throat chakra open, your words carry great resonance, with so much power and momentum — that it creates reality.

Imagine what it would be like to have all your desires come true instantly. Without some maturity and understanding, it could become chaotic and dangerous. So we must grow in the lower dimensions to learn how to work together as a team before we Ascend into the Higher Dimensions to create reality instantly.

Cats ( Felines ) are holders of 6D. When they feel safe enough to Purr, they will be vibrating with a high frequency of Love. Relax and enjoy the experience as you breathe together. Let your energy fields mix together and breathe as you reach Unity in 6D.

This is one of the reasons why the Egyptians worshipped them. I highly recommend that you learn how to connect with a kitty. Cats are very sensitive, to connect with them, you will learn how to be very gentle. When you have a pure heart and mind, they feel safe and willing to open their hearts and Purr with you.

To experience Oneness with them, consider their needs in balance with yours. Be sensitive to how you feel in your body and listen to the guidance from your Higher Self. Cats also like the feeling of being grounded with the Earth. By being grounded with the Earth, you can resonate with deep peaceful bliss in your body.

In the Higher Dimensions, we exist as groups and act as collective intelligences. To be an individual is a unique experience here on Earth. We must remember that we are all connected in Higher Dimensions that are connected to Source by reaching up the dimensional ladder. So as you live your life in your body, realize that you are connected to everyone. So treat others how you wish to be treated!

Thank you for participating in your evolution and being the change here on Earth. Much Love and Light to you!

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