the People’s Party

Now is the time to create a party that represents the People.

If we combine qualities from all parties with new ideas that benefit all Americans, we can create a unified movement, a “People’s Party” to enact real change that improves life for everyone.

Here are some key points I suggest we focus on for our Party Platform!

Peace & Prosperity:

Our goal is to create a Peaceful World.

All ideas on this page are to move us to this common goal.  We are moving into a time where jobs will be replaced by robots and powered by advanced clean energy.

Now is the time for a peaceful revolution in leadership to enable this amazing transition into the new Golden Age.


We can greatly reduce taxes and simplify filing for the majority of all Americans.

This will stimulate our economy and give real people a chance to succeed.  People earning less than 100k a year will pay no taxes.  From there, we can create a very low flat tax based on income that gradually increases to high taxes on the super wealthy ( 98%+ ).  Currently the very few at the top ( 0.01% – 1% ) own almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% and this must change.  By taxing the super rich we can reinvest this money back into the lower and middle classes. 

Freedom & Democracy:

Freedom is the key to our success.

Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Free markets and Health and Medical Freedom are all important to a thriving world.

We must end the unwarranted spying upon all americans, eliminating the NSA’s massive spying operation that is recording all of our actions on the internet and by telephone.

Make Voting Day a Holiday to increase participation in our democracy.

Reform our Voting System to ensure all votes are counted by making sure all ballots are paper, and the machines that count them are transparently created and monitored to ensure our safety.

Setup automatic randomly selected and hand counted audits of the paper ballots to ensure accuracy of the machine counting system.

Eliminate the ability for large sums of dark money to buy our elections by returning limits on political donations through reversing Citizens United.

Implement Ranked Choice Voting/Instant Runoff Voting to give more parties a chance to get their voices heard.  By ranking your choices with your vote, you are more likely to support someone who is different and also rest assured that your more mainstream choice will get in as a backup.

Evolve our system to have a Council at the top, replacing the single President with a group of 5, 7, 12 or more to make decisions, similar to our Supreme Court.  Our party leadership should follow this model as well, to reduce the chance of corruption and increase the ability for diverse voices to be heard.

Foreign Policy & Military:

We are One Global Human Family, so by working together as a team, we can create lasting Peace & Prosperity for all. 

Currently over 50% of our Federal Budget is spent on Military operations.  We can safely and gradually decrease our Military spending by focusing our efforts on practical Defense like missile defense systems with the long term goal of ending the need for a military through cooperation and transparency with all nations.   This means ending our practice of spying and sabotaging other nations and ending the practice of overthrowing countries by covert means.

We can no longer afford to function as a Empire to control the world.  Too many resources are focused on methods to kill rather than to create.  By safely and gradually reducing our military spending, we can invest in Sustainable Projects, Healthcare, Education and Clean Energy to create lasting Peace.

We must end the secrecy and expose the Secret Military Spending and the Secret Space Program.  Over 10 Trillion Dollars has gone “missing” in the military over the last couple decades and it’s time we tell the truth and release this advanced technology that can free us from dependence on oil.  

By releasing the advanced technology as open source, we will free humanity, allowing us to evolve beyond the need for money to focus on enjoying life with our families and becoming as creative as we can imagine.


The health of our ecosystem affects our physical health and safety.

Bee colonies are in danger because of overuse of pesticides and our waters are polluted.  We will remove subsidies for farmers using pesticides and those who grow GMOs that contain pesticides in the plant.  We will switch to promoting natural pest management through Organic farming.  Along with Organic Farming methods, we can use advanced robotic technology to manage pests naturally.  This will allow us to phase out many pesticides that are linked to many diseases including Cancer.

Our climate is changing through Deforestation, Fossil Fuels and Gases released through Animal Agriculture.  Through Reforestation and changing what we feed animals, we can help stabilize the climate.  If we do not stabilize the climate, millions of people will be displaced due to sea level rise.  This is a very dangerous situation that we must we address and make a priority.  We must strengthen the EPA to protect our Environment.


Create a Public Healthcare Option along with Private Healthcare.

We must look at the cause of our Healthcare crisis if we are to speak about solutions.  Most of our diseases are caused by our lifestyle and the food that we eat.  In other parts of the world that do not eat the Standard American Diet ( SAD ), there is no healthcare crisis.  With an emphasis on preventing disease, we will greatly reduce costs.  We can educate our populace with tips for healthy living and encouraging more organic food options.

A solution to reducing disease and increasing happiness is transforming our communities to become walkable & bikeable.  We must also evolve out of the endless 9-5 mindset and give employees more time for exercise and rest.  We have a lot to learn from the countries of Europe.

Reform and Strengthen the FDA, removing insiders who are allowing toxic substances to become legal.  Beginning a thorough investigation into food additives & pesticides and removing anything that is potentially causing cancer until it can be proven safe.  A solution to pesticides is through robotic farming to manually remove weeds and pests.


Teachers & parents deserve the freedom to choose what they teach to their kids, and when they teach it.

Local communities know best what is important and relevant for their children.  Furthermore, give children the freedom to choose their own elective studies based on their interest.  Teachers can function as guides to help children find knowledge and connect to local mentors working in their community.

Higher Education is a resource to improve the lives of everyone.  We have the resources to fund this service so that all Americans can have the chance to learn and grow at any point in their life.

Social Services:

As we transition to a society powered by renewable energy & robots, we need a robust safety net to keep the peace.

As people’s jobs are replaced by technological automation.  People will need time to adjust and learn new skills to help the world.

Sustainable Development:

By eliminating subsidies for Oil & Gas, we can invest in transitioning to Clean Energy.

We can reforest the deserts to increase jobs while stabilizing the climate.

We can transform our cities & suburban developments to become walkable & bikeable.

Money & Banking:

Our constitution gives us the power to control our money.

Congress must change the priority of our country to creating a peaceful and sustainable world. We can invest in projects to create rather than to destroy. Invest in Love, not fear. 

We can create our own Bank to manage our money and abolish the The Federal Reserve which is a private group of banking interests that was created in 1913 ( the very top most 0.01% ).  They currently earn money on our debt. 
We have the power to prioritize our People over private Bank Profits, bailing out the People if needed through passing laws in Congress. 

This will also reduce our operational costs, because we will no longer have to pay interest to a private group of elites on our debt, since we will owe money to ourselves!
With the power to create money, we can ensure investment in the infrastructure that we need to create the advanced energy & robotic technology to reach the peaceful state of Economic & Environmental Sustainability.

Break up the Big Banks was the message that Bernie Sanders promoted, this will give a diverse range of independent bankers the ability to lend to their local community for economic growth, boosting the chances of small business success.  We can also end the Federal Reserve and create our own People’s Bank. 

We must do what we can to reverse the situation of income inequality by removing the ability for private banks and a few billionaires as corporate entities to take wealth in large numbers away from the working class. We must return this wealth to the people and make new money to create a Sustainable world. 

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3 thoughts on “the People’s Party

  1. As we embrace ourselves going forward with cooperation from advanced technology, and resources reprioritized so all are privy to true options in life, we will naturally expand the nature of some jobs, to more appropriately delegate work with those who love it.
    My job, which has been in it’s own expansion for over a decade in preparation for our shifting nation, is essentially to assist people in their transition from a fear based economy to a creative, loving based world where the economy thrives only as the people do.
    I am willing to give up a great deal to see the possibilities of this movement prosper and gain alliance and reverance, as we will for each other in this context of living. I call the place where people get in touch with their true work “The WhispRing” or more simply “WhispRing”. I nominate myself , and volunteer my efforts to be the first representative of WhispRing, activated for the purpose of helping to erect The Peoples’ Party, the first of many in the future as we grow. Since WhispRing is helping people to engage in their life work, I suggest the positioning of the voice of the WhispRing representative be very near the economical point of the 5 designees of the decision making council. WhispRing values personal passion above a sacrificial offering, or any monetary gain to be made by it. The vision of the WhispRing is simple….people doing what they love produce an abundance of what they do,..with this kind of flowing abundance results in flowing resource for all in the very most synchronistic terms, and the Trust people feel as a result of that leads to a transformation of our collective self image, as well as transforming the way we view our contributions personally.
    I promise to uphold loving standards, and set a supreme example while cultivating a political position of reverance and utmost self worth. We need not suffer arrogance, only when our self doubt is controlling our actions. Self confidence is available to everyone, and proven so by the existence of WhispRing.
    I have been waiting to hear the uprise of those who know we are much more capable, beautiful, and creative than we give ourselves credit for, or than we have allowed ourselves to be. WhispRing has been whispering to any possibility that would listen for the succession of a much improved world, with a much elevated style of living for all…people, earth, resource, animals, old and young alike. I am so impressed with this doctrine, and I would like to offer anything I can to help it’s Success.

    • Thank you so much for sharing.

      I am very happy to see you are aware of our potential and willing to help!

      Would you be interested in having a video chat meeting to see what we can cocreate together ?

      I will send you an email.


  2. Greetings, I am the Chairman of the Humanist Socialist World Citizens Party. For the past several months I have been laying the groundwork for the political party you are describing. We are now ready to accept any and all people to join our movement. We need web designers, coordinators, everyone. We have the entire game plan and road to success already formulated. The time is now for all human rights activists to unite under our standard. Our party is fledgling and only the skeleton of our website is live. We need supporters and members now! Only a political party can provide the vehicle we need to ensure our children’s survival. Contact me as soon as possible and let’s change the world.

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