Activating the Multi-Dimensional Self

Activating the Multi-Dimensional Self

Part1: Meet the Higher Self


Thank you for participating in your evolution and continued learning!

My Story: I was living the American Dream and had reached a point where I felt complete in my selfish desires and was caring deeply about the future of the world.  My thoughts were non-stop,  I could not find solutions in my brain about how to solve the issues of energy, food, climate and economics.  I had met a gentleman who was studying Buddhism through my exploration of Permaculture.  On his suggestion, I began meditation to find peace.  He gave me a book to read and I began the process of meditation in 2008.

As I began to meditate, I wanted the thoughts to stop and go away so I could find some relief.  I learned that I could not avoid the thoughts, but had to think things through or write them down to work on later.  I would lay down on the ground mid-day and let the Sun’s warmth wash over me as I relaxed and breathed deeply.  I would breathe and gently let go of grasping for solutions until I reached a place I call “Still-Point”, where I had no thoughts, just peace.  I could feel space inside of my head. I finally had the space inside to receive guidance. 

Around this time I was reading more books on meditation and spirituality and I learned about the concept of a Higher Self.  I began asking my Higher Self for guidance throughout the day on all subjects with Yes or No questions.  I was surprised with the answers that I received, some truth was hard to accept.  I learned that my Higher Self was always right, and I began to trust it absolutely, like a best friend!

The first steps in making a connection with a Higher Self are:

Having a desire to connect, and then voicing that desire out loud and inside to your Self.

Take time to begin inner dialogue with your Higher Self, starting with Yes or No questions.  Writing down your questions and trusting the answer that comes to you first. 

Learning to trust your Higher Self – Start by asking simple questions, some that you already know the answer to, and be sensitive to how your body feels as you receive the answers.

-What is the Higher Self?-

You are a Multi-Dimensional Being having a Human Experience.

When you decided to come into human form, you expanded yourself beyond what you were before, just as cells do in the magic of conception.  The larger part of you continued to live in a non-physical state, while a new part of you began life fresh as a baby, merging your spirit with the spirit of your parents.  Your Higher Self has been watching over you as you came to earth and guiding you when necessary.

As you developed your sense of identity, your ego, you became a unique being here on earth. You were able to have a fresh perspective on life and make choices without being distracted from what you knew in lives before. Once you feel complete in exploring things from that fresh perspective, you can reconnect to your HigherSelf and merge back into One. 

The experience of working together as a conscious Multi-Dimensional being is fun, as you gain more information about life, it’s like you gain more senses.  You realize that you are never alone and you are much larger than just the Human Body.  Miracles happen every day because there are forces working on your behalf behind the scenes 24/7 that are powered by powerful Source Energy.

-Ok, I’m awake, now what?-

First you connect with your Higher Self, to talk and communicate, then you will eventually merge and embody your Higher Self, connecting your ego with the wisdom of all of your past lifetimes. The small “me” becomes the big “WE”!

Then, as you are connected with your Higher Self, you can connect with the Higher Self of others.  You will be able to gain insight intuitively and instantly about everyone around you and in your life.  When you communicate inside, those messages will be broadcast out around you to the Higher Self and guides of other people, allowing you to come together for common goals with grace and ease.  You will notice yourself being inspired to do things that help others, and others will be inspired to do things that help you, without you having to physically ask for it! 

In the Higher-Dimensions we merge back our individual spirits into collectives, which merge together again in higher levels and ultimately we are all One. Like the trunk of the tree spreads out into different branches, we have expanded from our Source into individual expressions and now we remember what it is like to be both individual AND One at the same time.

The Higher Self is made of many parts and connected to others in a sea of Collective Consciousness, where there is a natural gravitation towards doing what is best for all.  By being one with your Higher Self you will naturally desire to help others and the planet, because you will be able to feel everyone.

-How is the Higher Self different than the intuition?-

The intuition is used to describe inner-guidance, a feeling, a knowing that comes to you and is true.   The Higher Self can be seen as intuition, however it is a unique aspect of you, not your guides, angels or ancestors.  The Higher Self is many parts of you, it is a collective of all your lifetimes.  Use your Higher Self to tell you the truth about any intuition that you may have, you can even ask where that guidance is coming from. 

-Healing to Wholeness-

Think of wholeness as a feeling of pure love, being fully present in the moment.  Able to feel love in your body and creative ideas flowing.  When we are hurt, through a past trauma, that keeps a part of us stuck.  We may have programmed ourselves to do a behavior to prevent us from feeling, which holds us back from being fully present.  When we take the time to heal our past traumas, we can return to being fully present and authentic.  Being this present can feel very vulnerable and scary, but the more you do it, the stronger you become. 

Being authentic and open is like a muscle, as you feel safe to voice your inner world without worry of what people think of you, the stronger you become.  This allows us to be vulnerable without fear, which is a very powerful place to be, because the heart is fully-open and the heart is more powerful than the mind.

-The Self is made of many parts-

As life has evolved, new life builds upon the last part.  Evolved lifeforms are made up of many primitive lifeforms into a functioning whole.  The Human Body is made of trillions of cells that intelligently organize to work together.  We are born in either a male or female body, but in all bodies we have a feminine side, and a masculine side ( left and right ).

We also have other archetypes inside of us, such as the inner child ( the pure heart ) and the inner parent ( the rational mind ).  We also have the lower self ( the body and its instinctive, reactive animal nature ).  The Higher Self is the part of you that lives in Higher-Dimensions and observes you and includes all parts of you.  So, trusting in your Higher Self will allow all parts of you to function as One, not letting one of the lower parts take over control and steer you off course, because when you merge with your Higher Self, the part of you that is the observer, you are being the captain of your own ship.

-Merging the individual Will with Divine Will-

When we have reached a place where we are ready for our Light Power to increase, we can choose to merge our Individual Will, the ego, with the Will of Divine Light, also known as the Family of Light.  When you do this, you will be inspired to do things to help the greater good and you will be rewarded with not only the physical resources to accomplish those tasks, but you will be energized by holding more Light in your body!

My experience pre-2008 was that my inner child and my ego were working together and I had a strong desire to figure things out myself.  I know now that this is a collective desire as a human, so it wasn’t until my late 20s, after I had lived out many of my desires that I could finally surrender my ego and begin to welcome in divine guidance.  Listening to their advice meant I had to change my lifestyle, career and where I lived.  I removed Alcohol and Meat and added in exercise and time in nature.  I quit my dream of being a musician and began exploring how I could serve the world and help us achieve World Peace.

For most of my young adult life I had tried to force my desires upon the universe and I saw that there was a lack of power in my actions. I was confused because when I was younger, magical things would happen to me easily. I thought it was I, who was doing it, but no, it was the team of Light that works with me. 

Once I reconnected with working with the Light, then miracles of connection and success would happen again, because I had chosen to merge with the larger “WE”, the Family of Light, we were all working as a Team once again.  As I grew into an adult, they tried to get me to work with them but I was stubborn.  I resisted and drank alcohol to suppress my emotions.  My guides and Higher Self allowed me to have my free-will and experience what it was like to be on my own.  They knew that once I fully experienced that, I would return and consciously desire to be on the Team again, because it’s so much more FUN!

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