Activate: A Guide for Awakening Beings

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// Join the Family of Light //

I invite you to join the Family of Light, to help with Earth’s evolution. This is a collection of forces committed to helping us from the other side. Some have lived here before and some are from other places where life has been more advanced. When you join the team, you will have access to more energy and information than you would on your own.

I am excited to share with you that I have been given permission to invite you to join the Family of Light! The requirements are simple.

  • You must be consistent in your dedication to helping the greater good. Evolving yourself and helping the world.
  • Treating others how you wish to be treated, since we are all One.  Choose to be kind, patient, respectful and loving.
  • Listen to the intuitive guidance and take action when called upon. Trusting in the flow of Love.

If you are willing to accept these requirements, you will be rewarded by being helped in your personal life projects as well. As you help others, you will be helped from the other side!

To join the Family of Light, make the intention from your heart that you sincerely wish to help the world and will commit to whatever it takes, even if that means changing things in your life. To Activate your Higher Dimensional Self, you must purify yourself.  Purifying your thoughts and body to raise your vibration and hold more Light.

As you listen and act upon your inner guidance, you build your reputation as a trusted member in the Family of Light. Know that your words and thoughts are always heard and guidance will always come to you when you need it. 

You are safe in the Family of Light.
If you want to help the world, there are many forces to help you!

If you want to help create a world that works for all of us, then I invite you to join the Family of Light! I will also teach you how to breathe and channel energy into your body! 

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// My Awakening Story //

In 2008, I met a gentleman through Permaculture who was studying Buddhism and Meditation. He was so calm, that on his suggestion, I was inspired to read a book on Buddhism and began exploring meditation to find peace. As I began to meditate, I wanted the thoughts to stop and go away so I could find some relief. I learned that I could not avoid the thoughts, but had to think things through or write them down to work on later.

I would lay down on the ground mid-day and let the Sun’s warmth wash over me as I relaxed and breathed deeply. I would breathe and gently let go of grasping for solutions until I reached a place I call “Still-Point”, where I had no thoughts, but a new feeling of openness inside of me—I had found peace. From that point, I finally had the space inside to receive clear guidance that helped me make the right decisions.

Around this time I was reading more books and I learned about the concept of a Higher Self. I began asking my Higher Self for guidance throughout the day on all subjects with Yes or No questions. I was surprised with the answers that I received, some truth was hard to accept. I learned that my Higher Self was always right, and I began to trust it absolutely—like a best friend!

From an early age, I cared deeply about our world and all the life upon it. As I matured into an adult, I became an activist for many causes. I was so passionate that I gave my all to each cause, eventually running out of energy and reaching burnout from pushing myself too far. I knew there had to be a better way…

When I was a young child, I remember feeling so much love in my body. Each breath I took would fill my body with pure love. Everything was ok in my world, even if the world around me was in chaos. I was aware that my thoughts were creating reality. I would think about something and it would come true. As I grew up I became afraid to think negatively of someone because I only wanted to see the best of them.

As I grew into a teenager I got caught up with popular culture and could see that I was not like everyone else—though I wanted to learn how to be like others. I wanted to entertain and make my friends laugh—I watched movies and mimicked the actors, being silly and immature. I was saying things that were not true but acting like they were to make people laugh. Little did I realize that I was lowering my vibration from the higher dimensions of pure love and absolute truth into a lower dimension of duality.

As I followed the path of the ego I was caught up in a never ending stream of thoughts and actions that kept me away from the bliss that was normal to me as a child. Even thought I felt so good on my own, I wanted to feel happiness together with other people — I was seeking unity. I wanted to fit in and be part of the crowd. I was so caught up in wanting to be like everyone else that I forgot my natural magic. There was no one to look up to and learn from—except celebrities.

I had to hit rock bottom on my path of the ego until I was finally ready to surrender and let go, leaving room for myself to receive inner guidance. After my out-of-body awakening experience, I was inspired to learn as much as I could about spirituality. I began meditating every day, practicing yoga and changing my diet, removing alcohol and meat.

In my meditations, I’d have flashes of the past, where I would remember that I was helped many times in my life. I chose to be self-employed at an early age and when I needed money, work would come to me. When I needed a break and to rest, work would slow down. I realized now that I was being helped from the other side. I realized through meditation that I was part of this great team of beings we call the Light, also known as the Family of Light.

I asked them why I had to experience this suffering? They told me that I had chosen to experience what life was like for average Americans. I was allowed to do so, because I would come through the experience with understanding and compassion. I would know where people were coming from and why they did what they did. Since I had gone through it myself, I could then share guidance. I was remembering who I really was, an agent of change, here to help humanity.

During this time of remembering, I was introduced to the teachings of Abraham-Hicks. They teach about laws of the universe such as the law of attraction and the law of allowing. The law of attraction is a function of this universe, what we focus upon, we connect with. To have the law of attraction work effortlessly on our behalf to manifest our desires, we must be in the state of allowing—in the flow.

When I let go of control of trying to figure everything out in my mind and surrendered my will to my Higher Self—I accepted life exactly as it was, bringing me into my body to fully experience the present moment. Things began to change rapidly for me because I got out of the way. Miracles began to happen again as I was no longer resisting the flow of the universe.

They teach that we should get into the “vortex”, which is another name for raising your vibration into higher dimensions of pure love and creation. Through surrendering and letting go in my meditation I would relax and breathe deeply. I would put my focus upon my body—allowing anything to arise with each breath. Everything was ok and allowed to be felt and expressed. Sometimes I’d have to cry. Sometimes I would feel happiness for things in my life. Eventually, after I had released whatever was in my body, I would come back to this place of pure Love in my body—I’d even see colors in my third eye. I remembered this place. I knew that when I would imagine and desire things in this state, they would manifest very fast in the physical world. I was watching my thoughts creating reality again!

Since my desires were to help the world, I realized that there were many forces at work to help me behind the scenes, organizing things on my behalf. I was meeting amazing people almost everywhere I went around town and online as well. I was on a mission to spread the news of Sustainability through Permaculture. I watched as these ideas spread through the collective consciousness of activists around the world. Soon everyone was talking about Permaculture. I was thrilled!

During this time of awakening in 2008-2009 I would take a break around lunchtime to lay down on the ground to take a rest, breathe and receive guidance. The Sun would be directly above me as I closed my eyes. I intuitively knew to draw the Sun’s warmth and energy into my body. After a while of this, colors would begin to show up in my third eye and I would feel incredible Love in my body. After doing this for a few days, something magical happened:

A black dot showed up in my mind’s eye, my third eye, I had seen this dot before, but this time I relaxed and let this dot align with the center of my head. I could feel the inside of my head moving as the dot moved. I trusted in the experience because of the massive Love that I was feeling. I allowed the experience to happen and it began to deepen.

The dot opened and became larger, like an eye opening. The black dot opened and my minds eye began to fill with basic colors, one at a time, eventually surrounding the black hole and looking like an eye! The eye became bigger and filled my inner vision. I asked my Higher Self what to do and it told me to relax, breathe and allow. My consciousness began to fly through this tube that opened in the center of the black hole!

I was taken to another world, like a dream world, where I interacted with people that I knew here, and others that I had not known from my human perspective. I remember being reprogrammed, to remove bad habits and patterns of my humanness that I had created for myself. I was told that I would not remember much of the experience and then I was back in my body!

This happened to me a few times and I became very serious about learning everything I could about spirituality. At first I wanted the experiences to continue, I wanted to try and leave my body—I thought that was the goal. It took me many years to realize that the goal was to actually stay in my body and bring those higher dimensional energies down into my self—to embody the Light. My inner guidance was teaching me how to breathe energy into my body to help with my cause of Sustainability, Peace and Abundance.

The out-of-body experiences stopped but my inner guidance became stronger, I was having full conversations all the time in my head about reality with My Higher Self and Guides. I was also aligning and healing my body through Yoga while I was taught inside how to channel Source Energy. You can learn about Source Energy Breathing later in the book!

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