Zachariah Spring 2015 profile (1 of 1)I AM Zachariah Stillwater, I am conscious that I am a co-creator here with everyone else and that my thoughts create reality.

I am on the team of Light. I am here to help the world evolve into peaceful abundance.

I have begun the process of merging my ego with the Divine Will.

I AM aware of the interconnectedness of all life – We are all One.

I have chosen to surrender my selfish desires and act when called upon to help others.  Because when I help another, I am really helping myself!  I feel best when others feel good, I can feel the Oneness, the unified field of energy.

Magic is manipulating reality beyond what is considered normal. Many of us have forgotten the magic that we come here with as a child.  I am here to help us remember by living as an example.  I am conscious that I can effect the weather through my breath and willpower, I will only help for the greater good.  I have a large team of beings that help me from higher dimensions.

I am here to empower humanity to awaken and connect with their multi-dimensional Higher Self and the pure Source Light of Creation!

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