NOW is the time for us to Activate!

We are moving into a new dimension.  This Earth is ascending into the next level of possibilities.  You are crucial to this transition.  With your help, we will experience a new Golden Age of peace, harmony and bliss.  This next-level is based in a “WE” consciousness of working as a team, seeing us all as One Global Family.

This next-level is based in the Heart.  The most important things we can do are learn how to center in our hearts, connect with our Higher Self and embody Source Energy.  With these upgrades in consciousness, we will collectively raise the vibration of this planet into a Higher Dimension of Love and Unity.  From there, many new opportunities will be available for us and we can create a world with technology so advanced that we will no longer need money.  We will live in a truly free society where the only limit will be our imagination and we can heal the Earth back to it’s pristine beauty.

While there are many distractions in this world to keep us trapped in the lower dimensions, your choice to align with the Light and ascend in frequency will liberate humanity from the darkness.  Then we will experience the wonderful destiny of the Golden Age. 

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Do you know that we create our world with our thoughts, and that as we enter into the next-levels of Higher Dimensions, our thoughts will change the world around us instantly?  Do you still remember how it felt to be a child, where everything was magical and your imagination was one with reality?  We have always had this power within, but many of us have become distracted by these lower dimensions. 

I came into this world embodying Higher Dimensions, but like many kids during my teenage years, I began to copy others around me to “fit in”—I changed to be more like them and get their attention.  I stopped listening to my inner guidance and I lowered my vibration through focusing on my ego and physical desires.  I began to search outside of myself for feeling good, I became addicted to physical sensations from sugar, fast foods, video games, tv and even porn!  I lost track of how to feel good naturally and when I turned 18, through the encouragement of my friends, I experimented with alcohol.  I became easy prey for the darkness as they connected to my mind and fed me their thoughts and feelings into my body—I lost track of who I was.

I regret that time in my life, but through it all I learned a lot about the dark agenda and now I want to expose it so we can liberate humanity.

My Higher Self and Guides of Light patiently waited for me to grow through many mistakes.  They let me have my own own experience until I was ready to rejoin the Family of Light.  I wish I had a guidebook like this when I was younger, it would have saved me from so much unnecessary suffering.

I have been shown what is possible for humanity.  I have reached great heights through Higher Dimensional Activation and even journeyed into other dream lands where I was helped to remember where I came from.  However I’m still here and I am a human like everyone else.  I am connected to everyone through the collective consciousness.  My karma is your karma.  As we evolve ourselves, we evolve everyone else.  We’re all connected and we’re all in this together!

I still struggle with the human experience as it’s not easy being here at this time.  But as I trust completely in my inner guidance that is connected to the Family of Light, everything works out.  If I ignore their guidance, I always regret it, and I learn another powerful lesson the hard way.  How many times did I have to make mistakes until I could understand that they knew more from their higher perspective?

Since I had my awakening, I have had many powerful experiences to show me what is possible for us.  I’ve been able to experience what it’s like to create instantly by thought and feel incredible loving energy flowing through my body.  There are great possibilities for us here, but we must learn to avoid the distractions that keep our vibration low.  Because our world has been compromised by the dark energies that want to keep us distracted.  This is so we do not remember our true nature as Co-Creative Multi-Dimensional beings that can change the world through the power of Love.

This book contains many claims that I have learned from direct experience yet are beyond what people are taught.  I know many people will think I’m crazy, however if you learn anything from this book, learn that you have access to verify the truth of anything by connecting directly with your own Higher Self. 

There are step by step instructions for connecting with your Higher Self later in this book.  Feel free to skip there anytime.

One of the most important things we can remember is that we come from somewhere before this.  There is a part of us in a Higher Dimension, that many cannot see, but is always there.  This part of us is called our Higher Self, and it contains all the wisdom of our past lifetimes.  Your Higher Self is a trusted guide to answer any questions that you have! 

Because your Higher Self is a part of you, you would never lie to yourself.  You always have your own best interests in mind.  Your Higher Self will help you learn to discern between Light and Dark and find your path to raise your frequency and ascend into the Higher Dimensions of Love from where you came.

When you chose to come here, you expanded yourself just as a cell divides in a body.  This new piece of yourself was created in a Higher Dimension and merged with a new piece of your parents as well.  This new combined essence was preparing to live inside your new physical body. 

Your body was created with a mix of your parents genetics and imagined desires for you, along with the vision that you created for yourself in the Higher Dimensions.  This magical blend of ideas, desires and genetics merged together to become your new self!Your Higher Self and Guides watched over this process so you would safely make it here to Earth to be seen as a miracle to be cherished and loved!

We all understood that when we would come through as a Human on Earth, we would not remember where we came from.  It’s just how it is here.  This gives us an opportunity to experience this life from a fresh perspective, feeling the wonder and magic of seeing things for the first time.  We knew that we would be ok because our Guides and Higher Self would be there with us at all times, whispering gently to us through thought and nudging us along our journey.

It is very important to understand what is happening here on Earth at this time.  We are about to transition beyond the lower dimensions where beings are trying to control us through fear and desires of the ego.  There are many forces available to help us ascend, these forces of Good we often call the “Family of Light” or simply “The Light”.  It’s a group of a wide range of beings that are in alignment together to help us evolve here.  The Light respects our free-will, so they will not help until we ask them to. 

The beings that we call “Dark” use their free-will to do whatever they want.  They are like parasites, using our energy to survive.  They have disconnected from the Light and float in-between dimensions without a body to live through us.  When we ascend into the 5th Dimension of Unity and Teamwork, they will not be able to control us, so this is why we must learn to center in our hearts to raise our frequency and ascend!

These Dark Spirits often project thoughts and feelings into people to get them to do addictive behaviors or think bad about themselves.  People do not realize these are not their own thoughts and feelings.  This is why it’s crucial to develop a trusted connection with your Higher Self and the Light to be safe at all times.

This book is to raise awareness of this important subject regarding the dark agenda.  As we shine a light on this challenge, we reclaim control of our minds, bodies and destiny.  This book will help you remember what it’s like to live in alignment with the Light.  The wonderful feeling of pure Love and bliss in your body.  The Family of Light will help you with your needs to survive and thrive on this planet.  You can have whatever you need to be healthy and safe to evolve on this paradise planet that we call Earth.

The Family of Light that I connect with live in Higher Dimensions where their “normal” is like the place of imagination that we remember as a child, or where some of us go when we dream.  Life in the Higher Dimensions is not solid or physical like it is here.  It is more like a dream world, where thoughts create instantly.  Down here on Earth, life and matter is vibrating at a lower frequency, so things appear solid.  However, things are not solid as Scientists have found that when we look closely at things under a microscope, there is incredible space between everything.  We see that “solid” objects are made of vibrating particles surrounded by vast empty space.

Many Creator Beings have created life here and are part of the human, plant and animal experiments on Earth.  It started with very simple lifeforms that were combined together to create new forms of life.  These Creators lived through these lifeforms to experience life from this new perspective. 

From this new perspective, they could feel what it was like to be in a separate body on Earth.  From their experience being as One with these lifeforms, they created new desires for what would make life more enjoyable and survivable—this created the changes in life that science calls evolution.  So far, Creation has been messy, yet it has expanded life beyond what was known before. 

Because we have the wonderful buffer of time, we can make mistakes to learn and grow.  This allows us to practice creation before we ascend in frequency and our thoughts will create instantly again on Earth.  In order for our bodies increase in frequency to ascend into the Higher Dimensions of Unity, we must learn how to work together as a team. 

The unevolved ego and Dark Sprits don’t want to work as a team, because they are hanging on to their choices to do things their way, no matter how it affects anyone else.  Their choice of individual expression of separateness at expense of others comes with great challenge and suffering. 

The Family of Light lives in unconditional love and beyond time.  From this blissful perspective, they are able to be extremely patient with the spirits that want to stay in the darkness.  The Family of Light is deeply engaged in this challenge of free-will evolution, because they know the potential that we will become.  They know that eventually the darkness will remember the power of Unity and Love that will heal all of their wounds. 

Many Guides that are part of the Family of Light have lived here on Earth before, so they understand why things are the way that they are.  They have practical advice for us because they have experienced the same problems that we do.  For many of you coming here to the planet for the first time, trust in their guidance.  Go slowly and listen to your feelings.

I wrote this book to help you remember that your imagination, thoughts and feelings create your reality.  You are a Co-Creator in this Universe and you are connected to everything.  As you live as a Multi-Dimensional Being, you are experiencing what it’s like to be both separate and connected with everything at the same time.

Our society puts emphasis on the mind, which separates people from their heart and body.  Yet being centered in your heart and fully in your body is a powerful place to be.  When we are too focused on the mind, we can easily be manipulated by the darkness.  To get into your heart, set aside some time to relax, close your eyes and allow your focus to soften as you breathe.  Set the intention with your inside voice to make your way back into your heart.

As you relax and breathe, let go of any thoughts that arise and continue to focus on your breathing.  Feel your breath and energy move from your heart through your chest and soften your focus until you can feel the full outline of your body.  From there, it’s important to surrender and fully let go to relax.  Focus on relaxing all the muscles of your mind and your eyes while gently breathing.  Find the “let go” switch.

Remember that whatever happens, continue to breathe gently.  You may feel yourself “fall” down into your heart.  You may have blockages in your throat, and you may need to cry to release stored emotions.  Allow anything to arise as you breathe and relax.

Once you make it to your heart, practice feeling from your heart out into your full body with each breath.  Take as much time as you need here.  It’s ok to fall asleep.  Know that any thoughts or desires that you create from this place will be very powerful.

As you learn to live from your heart, your frequency will increase automatically as a result.  As your frequency increases, your heart’s energy field will expand and people will be drawn to you.  As you learn to trust in your inner guidance from the Light, your intuition will increase and you will know what to do in every moment, every time.

As you begin to trust in your intuition, you will understand that your body’s feelings are the foundation to your intuition.  Before your mind can understand or hear your inner guidance, your senses will give you information based on how it feels and where you feel it.  You can feel when something is off, even the slightest bit. 

The body never lies, you can always feel the truth. 

Becoming sensitive to your body’s sensations will give you incredible knowledge.  This is known as the embodiment approach to spirituality and it is a simple yet powerful path.  To be fully present in your body, breathing deeply into your body is a powerful place to be.  It takes courage to surrender the need to know everything from the mind.  We are very powerful and intelligent when we are centered in our heart, rooted in our body and breathing consciously. 

Let the heart lead and you will find great peace within.

This universe is based on the principle of free-will which gives us the absolute freedom to choose our own path.  Free-will exists because of the desire for it.  Here’s a story about why we have desire for free-will.

Here on Earth, we have lived many lifetimes and we come from many places, yet life ultimately began from a place that is beyond this universe that can be called Source.  Source is challenging to describe, because it more than most minds can understand.  Some people call this God and say it’s a person, but this energy is beyond the form of a person, it is beyond male or female.  It’s both, together as One as pure Love.  This energy is within all of us and it connects all of us together.

We are an extension of Source energy.

In Source, there was the awareness of what it would be like to observe itself.  So, from Source, it expanded into this Universe as two pieces, Masculine and Feminine.  The Masculine is the part that is seeking and projecting outwards while the Feminine contains and feels everything. 

These two pieces of Source Energy began to split off into more pieces like cells multiplying.  Even though they were individual pieces, they were deeply connected to each other as groups, also known as collectives.  There was an awareness to continue the expansion outwards to feel what it would be like as separate as possible.  And so, the desire for this feeling continues the expansion outwards of the Universe and life continues to develop in a wide variety of forms. 

But why don’t we remember this?  Because we were created to live on Earth in a body with no memory of before.  We were created to be slaves, yet other beings wanted to save us and help us become Multi-Dimensional.  Why was this allowed to happen and why is this a good thing?  Because this gives us the chance to choose what would make life better from a fresh perspective. 

How fun is that? Right!? This is the joy of the child.

This keeps the Universe evolving forward and preventing it from being stuck with what is already known. The curiosity of a child stretches our imaginations ever forward.  The dark side of this experience is that we can easily be manipulated and be used as slaves.

In my youth I had many beautiful experiences of opening my heart and connecting with people and feeling the Love between everyone, seeing many smiles and sparking eyes.  I would go around town and smile at strangers as I walked by and talk to everyone that I met.  I did my best to cheer them up and get them to share their dreams and let them know that they can come true. 

In my late teenage years, I decided that to save the world, I would love everyone so that we could all rise up together.  I chose to be a DJ and write music to uplift people, to help them feel the Love that I felt.  Even though I could create amazing musical experiences for people and we would all feel Love and Oneness together, the feelings were fleeting, lasting only short moments with massive hangovers the next day and week.

Living in a college town where partying was normal, I became obsessed and built up my ego to be a world class musician.  I convinced myself that I was helping the world with sharing music that made people feel good.  But this good feeling only lasted as long as the music was playing.  Music was being used as an escape from reality and I got caught up in the alcohol and drug scene.  I was addicted to being the best DJ and I went deep into the darkness where I became lost, angry and confused.  I could feel everyone’s pain and eventually, I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I gave up on wanting to help people.

I went Rogue.

I knew the world wasn’t right and I went through a rollercoaster of emotions.  Sometimes I would come back to wanting to help but I became impatient with change and looked down on people who were suffering.  Thinking they should just wake up and change.  I became so frustrated that I wanted to see destruction of our culture because of how bad things were.  I wanted the people in charge to suffer so that we would wake up.  I was in so much pain that my addictions were out of control and I eventually learned the feeling of emptiness.

From this rock-bottom place, I gained compassion for humanity.

I experienced the dark-night of the soul.  I thought I was doing the right thing as I was desperate for change.  I didn’t realize there is a greater order that operates with divine timing and that I had to be patient. Once I hit rock-bottom, I was able to let go and surrender my ego.   I had to learn the hard way that it’s always a good idea to listen to the guidance of the Light beings that watch over us with Love.  From their higher perspective, they can see and know more than what we can sense in our human body.

After my journey as a musician was ending in my 20s, I was deeply concerned at what was happening to us and the Earth.  I was afraid of the future and I didn’t see our leaders stepping up to solve the problems, so I decided I would do what I could to help the world.  I charged forward with my instincts, powered by my solar plexus fire and the rush of adrenaline kept me going.  I did see that I could affect change, but I quickly ran out of steam.  My strength alone could not sustain the goal.  I forgot where my energy came from and I needed help.

So I called out for help and spirits came to help me.  My guides told me that some of them weren’t good to have around but I knew they wanted to help me so I said to my guides that I would work with them anyways.  My heart knew what it was like to live in unconditional love and I decided that if they wanted to help me, they were ok to connect with.  I would train them to be good.   Little did I know that some of these spirits had a habit of lying.  They were tricksters.  I should have listened to my guides.

They seemed playful to me at the time and I was desperate to save the world.  They ended up tricking me to focus on too much of the problems and not enough on the solutions.  They kept me in a state of fear and away from the peaceful state of faith that comes with trust in the Light.  I was convinced that I had to warn people that the future was going to potentially be a dark place so that they would change.  Little did I know that I was helping to create this dark future by getting people to believe it was possible. 

I didn’t understand that the darkness manipulates people to live in fear, which is how they are able to control us.  Fear only exists outside of Love.  They know that once we ascend into the 5th Dimension and above, which is beyond fear, they will no longer be able to have control over us.  So they are doing whatever they can to have us fight with each other and be afraid.  But we will remember the power of Love and teamwork, and together we will rise above!

I spent many years living in fear and avoiding my pain with addictions until I made time for myself to be alone in nature.    I began meditating, crying and releasing and my heart opened again to Love.  I could hear my inner guidance again and I felt incredible peace within my body. 

Some of the truth that was shared with me was hard to accept, but I knew it was right.

Life is magical and fun, but we can get hurt and stuck, too.  Sometimes a part of us freezes up and closes off.  This emotional trauma becomes physical tightness in the body and blocks our natural energy flow.  In order to release this pain, we must feel safe and take the time to heal, to reach the powerful place of Wholeness. 

Wholeness is when all parts of yourself are healed and working together in alignment as One!

When you take the time to sit with yourself in a safe place to breathe and let all your feelings and memories arise, your heart will open and you will feel better.  Remember to stay in your body by breathing through any emotions that arise. 

Of course there will be tears and laughter, sadness and relief, but no matter what comes, it is imperative to allow it to arise.   

There are more tips for Self-Healing and once you reach Wholeness, there are instructions for how to Channel Source Energy to Activate the planet later in this book!

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